Looking for chemical free, versatile, durable and
fully compostable fiber packaging and products?

Traditional Wood & Plastic Packaging
…belongs in the past.

Contributes to Deforestation

CO2/GHG Intensive

Single Use = Pollution

Chemical-based Fiber Processing
…that’s bad too.

Crop Waste & Burning
Over 500 million metric tons of crop waste (fiber) is produced annually & much is burned or left to rot, creating harmful GHG

Chemical Processing
Crop waste fiber can be used for sustainable packaging, but current conversion solutions use toxic chemicals

Toxic Byproducts
Current fiber-based packaging production results in black liquor that must be treated before disposal

Labor Intensive
Current fiber conversion processes are labor intensive and thus expensive

Highly Regulated
Chemical processes are highly regulated because of the harm they can cause the environment

There’s a better way…

NatureStar Fiber

Products and packaging made with NatureStar Fiber are sustainably derived from nature . . . and are returned to nature by fully decomposing within months after use.

NatureStar Fiber products and packaging are at the TOP of the Disposable Packaging Hierarchy.

grown from nature – returned to nature

Industrial Compostable TUV S0817
Industrial TUV License
Home Compostable TUV S0817
Home TUV License
Heavy Metal Test Report    PASS
Migration Test Report    PASS

NatureStar Fiber Operations

Annual Production Capabilities =
200+ Million Pieces

Product Customization

Design, Analysis & Engineering

3D Prototyping


Worldwide Logistics & Delivery