Looking to purchase, or white-label, NatureStar Products?

Single Use & Durable Products

NatureStar’s innovative technology matters.

All NatureStar products are durable, and are 100% compostable.

The many benefits of using NatureStar technology:

  • Sustainable plant parts that would normally be discarded or burned are broken down and reconfigured on a molecular level.
  • NatureStar polymer contains plant oils instead of mineral oils, reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
  • NatureStar polymer uses far less energy in the conversion from raw material to product compared to conventional manufacturing methods.
  • Energy is saved during the NatureStar polymer manufacturing process due to it low melt temperature.
  • NatureStar formulations have been designed to minimize waste when being produced into resins and converted into products.
  • The characteristics of the plants and polymerization process result in increased product flexibility.
  • Natural additives used in the NatureStar production process result in greater heat resistance and strength.
  • Post-industrial scrap is ground into flake and re-processed.
  • Post-consumer use, valuable soil nutrients are added back into the earth.

NatureStar Resin - Fully Functional, Fully Compostable