Looking for a partner to help you develop new products
or packaging made with fully compostable materials?

Develop Your New Packaging

Partner With Us! We work with clients from all over the world to create new and innovative packaging solutions.

Your organization can leverage our 100% compostable Resin and Fiber technology to bring real sustainability to your packaging needs.

Versatility – We make your goals, our goals:
– Product Customization
– Design, Analysis and Engineering
– 3D Prototyping
– Certifications
– Logistics/Delivery

Let’s Get Started!

Your Needs – Tell us your packaging or product needs. We make 100% compostable packaging for food service items, electronics, medical equipment, food and beverage, product inserts, wine shippers and much more.

Design – We will design packaging based on your specifications or you can choose from our many existing designs. We will provide you with a competitive quote for the quantities you need that meets your timeline and budget.

Supply Agreement – A prototype, ready for testing will be provided by NatureStar. Upon sample approval, a supply agreement will be executed, detailing out annual unit needs.