Looking to reduce the amount of plastic in your products,
but still need the performance that plastic provides?

Let’s Face It…
we have a plastic problem.

8.3 Billion metric tons of plastic has been produced since the 1950’s. 79% of that has been discarded.

The average American throws away
185 pounds of plastic each year.

There are 500 times more pieces of microplastic in the sea than there are stars in our galaxy.

Plastic has become an increasing problem that is adversely affecting our society, our planet and the birds and animals that we share it with.

Sea turtles confuse
plastic bags floating in the ocean with jellyfish, one of their favorite foods.

It is estimated that by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by weight.

Over 1 billion tons of paper cups and plates are discarded each year.

Americans throw out
25 billion Styrofoam cups each year. It takes 500 years for Styrofoam to break down.

It can take up to
800 years for some plastic bags to biodegrade.

There’s a better way…

NatureStar Fiber

NatureStar: NatureStar Resin is an internationally certified biodegradable and compostable biopolymer.

As part of a sustainable process, plants are converted into a strong biopolymer that performs just like traditional plastic. Except the finished product will fully compost in soil in just a matter of months vs. plastic which can take many, many years.

For Products: NatureStar Resin is available in several grades from film (carriers bags, straws etc.) through to injection molding (cutlery, medical equipment, packaging trays) and lamination applications.

For Manufacturers: No modification or additional equipment is needed. NatureStar runs on standard PE production lines albeit at lower temperatures which can reduce production costs with reduced energy required.

NatureStar Resin: Fully Functional, Fully Compostable

Industrial Compostable TUV S0817
Industrial TUV License
Home Compostable TUV S0817
Home TUV License
Heavy Metal Test Report PASS
Migration Test Report PASS

NatureStar Fiber Operations

Annual Production Capabilities =
200+ Million Pieces

Product Customization

Design, Analysis & Engineering

3D Prototyping


Worldwide Logistics & Delivery