Looking for a partner to help you develop new products
or packaging made with fully compostable materials?

Raw Materials for Your New Products & Packaging

NatureStar Resin is an internationally certified biodegradable and compostable biopolymer.

As part of a sustainable process, plants are converted into a strong biopolymer that performs just like traditional plastic except that the finished product will fully compost in soil in just a matter of months vs. plastic which can take many, many years.

NatureStar Resin sets itself apart from the competition:

40+ years of bio-polymer expertise

Product that performs like plastic – all of the benefits of compostable product, with none of the drawbacks

NatureStar’s plant-based formula is superior to other compostable items:
– Higher heat-resistance
– More flexibility, less brittleness
– Stronger; break and shatter-resistant

Superior to PLA and Non-GMO

An eye on sustainability with careful selection of origin on all elements of formulation.

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Are you a product developer or manufacturer looking for a biopolymer that’s easy to work with, comes from sustabainbale processes and is fully compostable?